Heath Harris

Heath Harris is one of the world's elite liberty horse trainers. He takes from his experiences of over 40 years in nearly all the disciplines of the horse industry to bring a knowledge and insight to his training techniques that create equine stars. His latest film credits have been for American and English productions, and his talents are mainly cornered by the international film industry.

Heath's areas of expertise reach far outside that of being a Horsemaster. He is also credited with Stunt Coordination, Action Direction, Safety Officer, Actor, Presenter and Producer.


Selected Credits for Feature Films & TV Series


The Man from Snowy River


  • Action / Stunt Co-Ordinator / Stuntman
  • Horse trainer

Racing Stripes


  • A Warner Brothers feature film shot in South Africa 2003
  • Master Horse Trainer
  • Horse Department Head
Racing Stripes

Phar Lap

  • Second Unit Action Director of race & sand dune sequences
  • Horse Trainer, Horsemaster
  • Livestock Transport Contractor

Hoofbeats (now titled "Running Free")

A Jean Jacques Annaud feature film shot in Namibia in 1998

  • Horsetrainer/ Stunt Coordinator
Heath with Macho (who plays the 3yo lead). Hoofbeats

Burke & Wills

This movie was made throughout Australia. The kilometres travelled were approx 14,000 in 14 weeks throughout the desert and outback of Australia.
  • Stunt Co-Ordinator, Horse Trainer
  • Horsemaster, Horse drawn Vehicle Supplier
  • Livestock Contractor (dogs, horses, camels crocodiles etc)
  • Livestock Transport Contractor


  • Tele Movie for Atlantis Production
  • Horsetrainer/Stunt Co-Ordinator/ 2nd Unit Director
  • Shot in South Africa, and Kentucky, USA

Black Stallion TV Series

(New Zealand Shoot) Horsetrainer/ 2nd Unit Director / Stunt Co-Ordinator

  • Storyline development / Script Consultant Owner/trainer of "The Black Stallion
  • "Moscow's Legend" - black thoroughbred stallion who played "Black Beauty" in the NZ TV series. Owned & trained by Heath Harris

The Young Black Stallion

  • A Walt Disney IMAX feature film
  • Shot in Namibia & South Africa 2002
  • Horse Trainer
Black Stallion
Black Stallion Black Stallion


The Legend of Zorro

  • A Sony Pictures feature film shot in Mexico 2004
  • Creator of the Horse Train Stunt Sequences
  • Horse Trainer & Co-ordinator of the Horse Train Stunt Sequences
  • Trainer of "Tornardo" & child actor's horse
  • Stunt Horse Trainer
Heath (bottom right above) Also rigging & training the train jump for Legend of Zorro

Other TV and Film

  • Eliza Frazer
  • The Picture Show Man
  • We of the Never Never
  • The Irishman
  • World Safari 3
  • Breaker Morant
  • Harness Fever (Born to Run)
  • Road Games
  • Galipolli
  • Minnamurra (The Fighting Creed)
  • Five Mile Creek (Disney)
  • Heart of the High Country (New Zealand)
  • Danger Down Under (with Lee Majors)
  • Black Beauty (New Zealand)
  • Ben Hall
  • McCloud Down Under
  • A Country Practice
Shooting "Macleod" in Sydney. Dennis Weaver on the ground and Heath riding one of the best rears ever - all four feet off the ground.


Live Shows

Movie Magic & Videos

Live Show featuring Heath's liberty Horses, how he trains them, and the psychology behind his Training techniques.

Girls Girls Girls

Girls Girls Girls Live Show

Australia's only all girl movie stunt & trick riding team.

  • Producer
  • Horse trainer
  • Stunt Co-ordinator
  • Co Show Owner

The Man from Snowy River

Sydney Royal Easter Show (2001), EKKA Brisbane (2001)

  • Trainer/owner of the Liberty Horses
  • Action Co-ordinator
  • Creative Consultant
  • Stunt Co-ordinator

Heath is also an accomplished saddler & harness maker - making western saddles, fender stock saddles and all strapping work. Heath is the designer for Hawkesbury River Saddle Company. You can see Heath's range of saddles on the Hawkesbury River Saddle Co page.

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