Movie Magic & Videos

Movie Magic & Videos is a two horse show that gives the audience a 'behind the scenes' insight into how horses are trained for film and television. In this 20 minute show, Master horse trainer Heath Harris explains the training techniques that are used to achieve certain 'shots' that you will see on film.

Movie Magic & Videos is infotainment at its best - gorgeous horses performing for the crowd and a bit of movie gossip thrown in - you will never watch a horse movie the same way again.

Movie Magic & Videos is a great little show suitable for smaller venues and budgets that still delivers a big punch to the audience.

Spike, Heath and a watchful Bridie at Cooyong Man from Snowy River Festival

Heath & Bridie with Spike rearing tall at Corryong Man From Snowy River Festival

Okkie and Spike with Heath at Home

Okkie and Spike with Heath at Home

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