Trick Riding


Tess Geraghty performing Tess Geraghty performing Tess Geraghty performing

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Many thanks to Stephen Mowbray for the use of these images

Trick Riding Team RAS 2016

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The team at the RAS are left to right:  Angela Chalmers, Jacinta Maurer, Quelly Ceballos-Hughes, Tess Geraghty  riding Kenny, Cleo, Reilly, Sarge.


Australian/Canadian Training Partners

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Photo of Tess’s instructors and mentors: (AUS Canada training partners photo)

Left to right  Shelby Pierson riding Reilly (Canada)
Avery Aleman (Canada) riding Cleo
Heath & Krissy (standing)
Cora Croteau –(Canada) riding Saintly
Jerry Duce – (Canada) standing
Tess Geraghty – riding Sarge
Ashley Ferguson (Canada) riding Matilda.

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